Here are some maps which show the current laws on consanguinamorous relationships in the United States:

Adult-with-Parent Relationships (mother-son, father-daughter, mother-daughter, father-son):
U.S. Laws for Consensual Adult-with-Parent Relationships in 2017 - Copy-0
Adult Sibling Relationships (brother-sister, sister-sister, brother-brother):
U.S. Laws for Consensual Adult Sibling Relationships in 2017 - Copy
Adult-with-Parent's Sibling Relationships (aunt-nephew, uncle-niece, aunt-niece, uncle-nephew):
U.S. Laws for Consensual Adult-with-Parent's Sibling Relationships in 2017 - Copy

Adult First Cousin Relationships:

U.S. Laws for Consensual Cousin Relationships in 2017 - Copy-2


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